Patric Lemarié's method is very different from the (classic) school approach. The main difference is to make the transition to conversational practice as quickly as possible, because this independent work with texts is important; to start working with texts in French, it is not necessary to learn all the French grammar.

  • Familiarize yourself with the basic rules of French grammar and phonetics in the introductory lessons.;
  • Going to work with texts (this step will require 2 to 6 months, depending on the time allocated and the technique of working with texts).;
  • Learn words, expand vocabulary;
  • Learn how to make sentences correctly (word order is important)


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French by skype or WhatsApp

Patrick Lemarié's online school operates according to its own methodology, based on modern communication techniques. The main focus is on the development of spoken French. Grammar is also important to us, but it is not dissociated from life in the form of dead rules. It helps students to correctly combine French words with each other, to build sentences and phrases. As a result, our students start talking from the very first lessons on Skype.


Private lessons

  • Flexible class hours;
  • The teacher's attention is for you;
  • Rehearsal or further refinement of any topic;
  • If necessary, a deviation from the lesson plan is possible;
  • Development of an individual program according to your objectives;
  • Ideal for the development of specific areas of the language (French for doctors, lawyers, programmers, etc.).


Preparation for the DELF / TCF

  • Individual lessons;
  • Flexible course schedule;
  • Express training is possible;
  • All levels;
  • Preparation for any type of exam (DFP, Delf, tfc...);
  • It is possible to practice specific aspects of the exam;
  • Courses are possible very early or very late;
  • Careful study of weaknesses and problematic aspects;
  • Special attention is paid to listening.

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